YDH-40D Full-auto dual-head ear welder for pails

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Production range:Φ220mm-Φ300mm
Applicable height:200-500mm
Transtormer secondary current:APP.3000A
Applicable cans:Tinplate pails
Tinplate’s thickness of can body:0.32-0.38mm
Tinplate’s thickness of welding ears:≥0.35mm
Distance between the top end and the center of ears:45-80mm(Adjustable)
Whole power:70KW
Applicable air pressure:>0.6Mpa
Connecting height:1000±20mm

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YDH-40D dual-head ear welder is the machine to connect with the pail line.The speed is 40cpm.lt uses flexible control technology,making the producing process very smooth.Patent designedear delivering mechanism & coating penetration welding mechanism put an end to ear delivering not stable and welding problems. It's a fully excellent performed ear welder.

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