YDH-60S High-speed full-auto dual-head ear welder

Short Description:

Output: 60 CPM
Production range: Φ155mm-Φ190mm
Applicable height: 155-300mm
Transtormer secondary current: APP.5000A
Applicable cans: Tinplate round can
Tinplate’s thickness of can body: 0.23~0.30mm
Tinplate’s thickness of welding ears: ≥0.32mm
Distance between the top end and the center of ears: 33-40mm(Adjustable)
Whole power: 70KW
Applicable air pressure: >0.6Mpa
Connecting height: 1000±20mm
Weight: App.2.8T
Dimension(LXWXH): 3400x1800x2300mm

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Product Introduction

This machine is a high-speed one-channel full-auto dual-head ear welder with the speed of 60CPM.It adopts welding line locater,cam transmission,cam Conveying,mechanical coating penetration, which makes the welding position more accurate and the welding result more stable. It can be perfectly connected with full-auto production line,making the production process safe,smooth and efficient.

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