YHZD-T30D Full-auto production line for conical square can

Short Description:

Output:30 CPM
Applicable can height:200-420mm
Power of whole line:APP.72KW
Applicable range:18L、20L square cans
Applicable tinplate thickness:0.25-0.35mm
Voltage:Three-phase four-line 380V(Can be configured according to different countries)
Applicable tinpla tetemper:T2.5-T3
Air pressure:Not lower than 0.6Mpa

Product Detail

Product Tags

Production Process

  • Conical Expanding

  • Locating

  • Square Expanding

  • Panelling

  • Top flanging

  • Bottom flanging

  • Bottm seaming

  • Turn over

  • Top seaming

Product Introduction

YHZD-T30D full-auto production line for trapezoid square can. The speed can reach 30cpm.This line adopts conical expanding first,and then square expanding forming process,making the tinplate stretch evenly as well as the flanging, with grip flanging process.It avoids the flanging becoming arc and ensure the seaming quality. It uses purely mechanical cam transmission,cam conveying can,cam holding can, and makes the speed continuously adjustable. With protection device for can jam, it makes the production process run safely & smoothly.

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